Pramipexole dose increase

I wonder if anyone else has experience of this… My Dad has Parkinson’s Disease and is currently taking a combination of Madopar and Pramipexole extended release to treat the symptoms.

He has been taking 2.1mg of Pramipexole each morning for a number of months and has now been prescribed an additional 0.26mg tablet.

My first question is, are there any problems with taking these 2 tablets together, or should the doses be separated? For example, should he continue to take the 2.1mg dose at 7am and take the 0.26mg later in the day? His doctor and pharmacist haven’t been able to give us an answer.

Second question: He seems more confused and anxious in the early evening and sometimes during the night. Could taking the Pramipexole later in the day help him, or would it interfere too much with his sleep?

Hi I take pramipexole with rageline sorry about spelling rageline I take morning pramipexole at night as sends me to sleep but will soon be taking a third one told by Parkinson nurse it’s ok to take medicine together. Hope this helps

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Hi @Teddy

Welcome back to th forum, I would suggest that you contact your dad’s parkinson’s nurse to have a chat about medication, if you dont have access then please do call our help line on 0808 800 0303 as they can then put you in touch with one of our specialst nurses.

I hope that helps


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Obviously what I put isn’t appreciated by some disregard what I put it was only what I do everyone’s different that’s why I don’t like forums best on your own

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hi Teddy I have just come off pramipexole due to significant swelling of lower legs and feet which resulted in 4 falls and a night in hospital it doesn’t mean everyone will have the same problem but you need to keep an eye out for any swelling

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Thank you all for your replies your reassurance and tip to look out for swelling.
My Dad found Pramipexole very helpful when he started taking it a few years ago, we are monitoring for any changes with the increased dose. I spoke to a lovely and very helpful nurse via the helpline and subsequently managed to contact my Dad’s regular Parkinson’s nurse. We are discussing using dermal patches to administer at least part of the Pramipexole dose. The hope being that it would help deliver a more steady effect.