Hi I take a 1mg of pramipexole x3 daily now this is the second prescription that I have had with the make Pramipexole accord and boy am I having a bad month. I told the chemist I didn't think I got on with this particular make last time but she said they were all the same.....anyway I never collected this last prescription but there they were. Please don't ask why didn't I take them back because I have asked myself that. My questions are these if anyone can help

a) have you had similar reaction with any other meds

b) I have some no longer being taken 0.25mg of pramipexole can I take 4 in the place of the one 1 mg of the Accord

any help greatly appreciated



Hi newdidit

Your best bet is to phone the help line at the top of the page and speak to a parkinsons nurse for expert advice on different meds.

Hope you find out what you need to know.

Good luck,  Sheffy

Have a word with your doctor or parkinsons Nurse newdit. My hubby was put on these a couple of months ago and had to come off them as he was very confused and slow. They put him on Stalevo and he is still slow but not confused. Its worth having a chat with someone telling them your problems with them. I hope you get some help


Thank you both, I will email my PD nurse over the weekend and try to speak to her on Monday or I will ring Parkinson' I find it hard to believe that I feel so different so of this planet really I could cry and makes me feel quite scared to be honest. I still work two days a week but this last week has made me question if I still can that's how bad it's been and I cannot afford to make mistakes.

visionvalue can I ask was your hubby taking pramipexole anyway and they changed his brand or was it just he didn't suit pramipexole?

Thanks again


I'm on ropinirole newdidit, I felt the same way as you a few weeks age, and was in a tiz as to who to contact, I felt really down, quite weak and tearful. I began to think whether I should increase my meds, I did this, and because they are slow release it took a few days to before I felt my old self again. Now I am back on track again till the next time!


Regards Sheffy

Hi Newdidit.

He was first put on co-careldopa three years ago and then a few months ago became very slow and our own GP suggested Pramipexole he stayed with those for two months until we saw our Neurologist who said straight away you need a change of tablets you have very slow movement and changed it to Stalevo after we told him of our doctors change which he wasn't very happy about I might add he was suprised that our GP had took it upon himself to change the tablets. He is a very good doctor by the way and I suppose he thought he was helping. So in answer to your question no they didn't suit him at all he's been much better on Stalevo.