Pregnant with Parkinsons

Hi Guys

I was wondering if anyone has had a baby since being diagnosed?

I'm 32 and was diagnosed 6 years ago, I currently take Madopar, Rasagiline and Trihexiphenidol. My Consultant has said that she would recommend I just take Madopar through pregnancy and that she would also recommend a hospital birth with a recommendation of C-Section!

I would love to have a home birth - but obviously that may not be possible!

I am hoping to start trying but was wondering if:

*Anyone else has done it and had any problems?
*Did you take your Meds throughout?
*Is there anything you would do differently if you did it again?
*Did anyone give birth Naturally?

Would love to hear from anyone who has gone through this.
Hi babybartlett,

Congratulations. There have been conversations about this on the forum in the past but there may not be anyone about who has experience in this at the moment.

We do have an information sheet on Preganancy in Parkinson's which you can find here:

I hope that helps.

Hi babybartlett, sorry you havent had a reply. Maybe better luck in other forums ! I hope so. i do know others who have had children early in the disease but dont think they were medicated. Anyway, congratulations. One precious baby coming up.
Hi babybartlet, just seen your post.

I wish you all the best and just take the advice of the experts in gynae and PD together. They should be in touch with each other for your best possible outcome both during your pregnancy and the birth.