Premipexole / Sinemet

Hi I have been taking Premipexole just one in mornings 1.05 mg but have now been prescribed one Sinemet three times a day forgot to ask if I can take them together just the first dose of Sinemet and Premipexole. At present am leaving and hour or so between. regards Sugarplum


Perhaps your local pharmacist could advise on this ?



Thanks Suzi good idea I'll give them a ring.


you can phone helpline pduk


I have been to specialist today and he is reducing my pramipexole so that i can come off it thank god

Are coming off it due to compulsive behaviour at all


I have been on Pramipexole(Mirapexin) since 2001 and Sinemet since 2006. Of course you can take them together.

Well there you have it , that's good to here if your only just starting new mefs


hi gus - yes i am coming of it due to obsessive behaviour.  Its hard to talk about it but suffice to say its ruined my life.