Prescription Charges

Hi All
I have just started my treatment for PD and was just wondering if i have to pay for my prescriptions, as my consultant was unsure?

Many thanks

even though they are life long medicines you still have to pay,what i would do is get the gp to put double the quantity on one prescription to help save you some pennies
If you are in England you have to pay but can buy a 'season ticket' thing. You dont have to pay in Scotland or Northern Ireland currently. Im not sure about Wales.
Yes, in England you can get a form from the pharmacy which you send off to the NHS. They then send you an ID card to show the pharmacist each visit.

It costs just over £100 a year I believe, or you can pay quarterly. It covers ALL NHS prescription charges for drugs and appliances for one individual. A couple would need 2 IDs, but you'd need to consider how much each of you is likely to spend annually if you didn't have the card.

At a cost of around £10 a month I'd think the card is good value for most PWP.

All prescription charges are free as soon as you reach 60, so make sure you cancel any direct debits etc at that point!
Its worth checking out the NHS list of long term conditions that qualify you for free prescriptions. Although parkinson's is not on the list, i found that my ongoing thyroid problems were on the list for free prescriptions! This means i now get my PD and all other prescription medication free.
As Ray says if you are not exempt from charges you can buy a Pre Pay Certificate.
You can buy it online and read all the lovely rules at :

It costs £104 for a year

That's what I've just done via the website. I pay £10.40 a month by direct debit for my PPC.

Do the maths to make sure it is the right thing for you. Up until recently I was better off with "pay-as-you-go" as some prescriptions covered 2 months.

Best wishes.