Prescription issues

Hi all. I’m 52 and was diagnosed at the end of March. It took 2 weeks for the consultant to write to my gp and confirm diagnosis. I have been prescribed madopar, and this has been added to my record as a short term prescription. Does anyone know how to get it transferred to a repeat prescription?

My doctors surgery has a dispensary, and I’ve had many conversations with them and the reception and the staff there are reluctant to help. I’m going to ring on Monday and try and speak to a gp. I can’t deal with the uncertainty of worrying about if I have enough tablets left. They’ve helped a lot with my symptoms and I’m getting really stressed about it.

Hi and welcome to the forum, @Ecobear. You’ll find everyone here very friendly and helpful. I hope someone will have some experiences to share that will help. I’m glad to hear that you are going to ring the dispensary on Monday. Hopefully you’ll have some answers.

Have you had a chance to explore our website? You’ll find a wealth of information there. As well, our helpline advisers are here to listen if you need advice or support on 0808 800 0303.

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Hello Ecobear

Does your Gp know that you have found the meds helpful? If s/he does know then it might be going through automatically to become a repeat prescription. Try asking for a meds review and confirming the situation with them.
Try to stay calm talking to them. I don’t know how I dare hand out this advice, this is truly all do as I say not as I did. Reception staff can’t help you, and under stress they will say anything to get rid of you. Politely insist on at least speaking to a doctor, tell them your condition causes panic, and you know there can be supply issues, therefore you need to have it settled in good time.
Best of luck, I have lived here since late 2018, and my meds are continually tweaked for one thing or another. Getting anyone in the GP surgery to read a letter sent by the consultant is a major diplomatic hurdle, and then doing anything about it…!!

Are you signed up to Patient Access? I go on line and order drugs through the system, there is a small place to write a comment where you could ask for them to be put on repeat