My husband has been on medication for around 4 years.We have recently moved area and now have a different G.P.Previously we had scripts for 2 months but our new practice only offers monthly however the receptionist said to say we were going on holiday and we could have 2 months!As we spend 5-6 months of the year in France i am continually asking for 2 monthly scripts and am being questioned about this.Also when i took my script to the Pharmacy i was asked why i has 2 months on explaining i wes going on holiday the girl behind the counter advised me that the Government were "tightening up" and if i was out of the country i could not claim free scripts (both of us are over 60)She said it was OK this time but to be aware of it.
Reading post on here i am aware that many people spend time abroad or on extended Hols (we need to make most of our "good" time) and wonder if anyone has heard of this or was i being given naff advice?
Many Thanks