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This makes me sound like a little old lady....well I suppose I am!BUT does anyone know how to make the Forum print larger? As a result of my eye sight getting worse and cataracts, yet to be dealt with, I have great trouble reading 1) what people have posted. 2) what I have written. E mails I enlarge and usually remember to make them smaller again(Not always as some might have noticed).Glasses do not work, unless I lean close to the screen and peer.I am getting fed up with peering,especially at what I have written and finding all sorts of letters in funny places and my postings peppered with perculiar punctuation or none at all.
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The size of the text on this website is set in qualitative instead of quantitative terms. Your web browser can override the base text size and all of the text will change relative to the size you specify.

This is easily demonstrated using Microsoft Internet Explorer's 'Text Size' option: to increase the size of the text select 'View' -> 'Text Size' -> 'Largest': this increases the size of all the text proportionally. (You can similarly change the text size to make it smaller). The default setting is 'Medium'.

In Mozilla Firefox you should select View > Text size followed by 'Increase' or 'Decrease'. To return the text size to its default setting, select 'Normal'.

Please be aware that changing the base text size whilst browsing this website may impact upon its layout: the site has been designed to 'flow' to fill the browser window (to make use of the extra space available at higher screen resolutions) but increasing text size to a very large value will cause some page elements to overlap.

For more detailed information about how to change the fonts and font sizes in your web browser you can visit the BBC My Web My Way website

Hope this helps

HI ECD, have you tried clicking on view at the top and then text size


if you have a mouse with a wheel - hold the Ctrl key down and scroll - it should zoom in and out

Goof Luck

Hello Murf

Thats a far better way......thank you

Thank you very much everyone.I have to admit I am quite an active old lady of 67 and certainly not frail.Good thing I am as I want to be able to support John for a long time yet.

I'm 72 and don't do old lady. Much prefer recycled teenager, and just think what fun you could get up to with that label.:grin::grin::grin:.
ps as long as it's not something you could get arrested for
Hello everyone
I don't have problems so much with the print size but that it's blue. I would find it better if it was black.
Sorry about the last post I must be going a bit dolaly tap. The print is black. Just ignore me.
You may have already found a solution that suits but just adding mine. Control and scroll didnt work on my computer. On mine, in bottom right hand corner there is a magnifying glass icon with 100% written next to it. If you just click on the icon the text increases to 125% with one click. You can change this using the arrow to higher or lower.
Not treading on anyone's toes, just what works on mine.
Carrot :grin:
Thats the way I do it carrot


if you want to zoom in even more hold down the ctrl and press the + or - to adjust zoom in level.
I am on a.o.l and that often means I have not got certain features such as the magnifying glass, or though I have no triuble with down loads.I got an early morning call this morning, as middle grandchild was unwell and so I was on duty.Therefore, I have only just had time to sit down on the computer, although he left at 5 o'clock..If he is able to go to school tomorrow I will have a good try at the various ideas. Meanwhile, please forgive any outbreak of measles with full stops!
Oh,It sounds as if pixie like, I am sitting balanced on the computer.
Thank you Murf for that tip , I also have problems with the print, mostly on an evening when my eyes are tired , I am still new to this computer lark but learning new thing all the time.

Hello ECD.
Hi Steph,Grandson even worse today:not at all well, so other things have taken second place.Will write when I can.