Good afternoon all.

With a blank Google screen in front of me, I just typed in "Azilect". Instantly I was presented with the usual list of Google offerings, and 7th on the list was ""Parkinsons Disease Society". I clicked on this and immediaitely found myself right in the middle of this Forum, in a member's posting about that drug.

I'm not sure if it's good or bad that any one of the 6+ billion people on this planet can - with one word and two clicks - get right into our sometimes very personal musings. But it's probably best that members are aware how open to the world this PD window is.

Take care.

Thanks for the warning - you make a valid point!

A bit like facebook!

Thank you for raising this topic, it's a key reason I rarely post now.

Perhaps there could be an option for posts to either be shared only with registered users or open to the whole wide World one Googleclick away.

PMs are useful but sometimes you do want to share what are essentially very personal events with all the other potentially interested pwps and carers, but hold back as you (I) know anyone can read it.

If there is a way to post just to members from within the normal reply options, I'd like to know.