Private neuro

Has anyone gone private with a neuro? If so are their consequences? ie with pd nurses, other nhs help, ie physio etc.? are there issues with going private?
I dont know the full answer to your question. A PD nurse told me that she was employed only for those in her area and was not meant to see people outside that area but i dont know that anyone worries about it.

I guess the nurse is employed by the Trust and as your specialistis is not i doubt they would have contact. The way it works for me is shared care so every six months i see the specialist and between times i see the nurse. They share notes and liaise on my care. I see them both at the same place. If you saw a nurse they would not have access to your notes and would be seeing you independently i would have thought.

For physio and OT that was organised through my GP.
Hope this is some help.
We saw a neurologist privately for a diagnosis ( why? not take me down that road) then transferred to the NHS. This has proved to be the right path to take.
I've dipped my toe into these waters. I found that virtually all private neurologists have NHS positions, and will probably offer you the same treatment as they do with their NHS hat on.

I've had a good look around and it doesn't seem to be the case that there is some secret treatment that is being offered to private patients only. If there was, I would go to a private as soon as possible.

I think you get more time to talk, better hotel tratment and the same tablets. If that's worth the cash, only you can decide.

Whatever choice you make, best of luck and please let us know what happened