Private neurologist appointment

Does anyone have any experiences of having private consultations. I have not seen my nhs neurologist for over a year now and have been advised that I’m in a waiting list that is now 10+ months which seems crazy.

I went for a private appointment for disagnosis -waiting time under NHS for appointment from referral here is 42weeks plus -got private appointment within 2 weeks -£250. Still waiting for NHS (was diagnosed in November) so will probably go back to private for a follow up check up (further appointments approx £100). I would say if you have the means to go private do so (although i do feel we shouldn’t have to) . For me getting the diagnosis and the right meds has given me my life back

Unfortunately the NHS are so far behind with appointments mainly because of COVID due to reductions in clinics and many cancelled/reduced clinics trying to keep everyone safe. Another factor is high numbers DNA patients, which is an ongoing issue, which will hopefully have some solution to this problem Poppy

Hi and welcome to our forum @OwenM. This is a friendly and supportive place and I’m pleased to see that some of our members have already jumped in to say hi and share their thoughts with you.

This does seem like a frustratingly long wait. Are you able to see your GP in the meantime for any concerns? I do hope so. I hope the forum will be a way for you to connect with others now. As well as a very useful website bulging with information, we also have a Helpline on weekdays with helpful advice and support should you need it: 0808 800 0303.

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Faced with a long delay, on the NHS I went to the Nuffield for a diagnosis. Five years later I am still the same neurologist’s patient, but on his NHS list. ’ Going private’ did cause me some problems. My local Parkinson’s nurse decided she could not see me, because my neurologist worked for a different NHS trust and for a while that resulted in my relying on the PUK helpline more than I would otherwise have done. But these minor inconveniences are worth it to get care when I needed it.