Privately diagnosis

Does anyone know of private clinic, where I could see a Parkinson’s specialist. Been told the waiting time for NHS is horrendous. Have had symptoms for more than five years. Recently my GP recons it could be Parkinson’s. Would like too know sooner than later. I’m not wealthy but want to get to a diagnosis. I live in Scottish borders.would be grateful for any help than you .

Hi, just to say my dad was in the same position and booked a private consultation which cost him £250. We live in the midlands but just to give an idea on costs.
Hope you get to see someone soon

Thank you, looks like might need to go private sadly. Thanks for reply

Your problem is that there is no definitive test for Parkinson’s. Diagnosis is by symptomology and waiting for the condition to progress. Most conventional tests such as MRI are used to eliminate other neurological conditions. There are not many neurologists with private practices in the UK unfortunately but I have posted a few links to some in Edinburgh. Hope this helps.

Thank you :+1:

Did you ever get an appointment-NHS or privately?

Still nothing from NHS .contacted private clinic who said a consultation was £225 but it would not be able to give a full diagnosis from this . So will waite and see if NHS get back to me. I contacted my GP clinic they were not a great help about waiting times. My symptoms tick a lot of box’s for Parkinson’s. I did a online test with a Australian Parkinson’s people it came back 85% possible Parkinson’s. I’ve had symptoms for more than 5 years but not until now has a GP bothered to refer me??. I’ve been told 18 months not uncommon. Just taking day by day.

You have come up against the two phenomena experienced by many Parkinson’s sufferers— uncertainty and time passing. I suggest you contact Parkinson’s UK helpline to see if there is a support group in your area. You are much more likely to get a more accurate local picture of provision for sufferers from them,which in turn may help you decide the appropriate immediate action for the future.
Time is a precious resource which you can’t get back. Good luck

Thank you :+1: