Prize money for solving parkinson's disease cause and cure

Hello to my fellow parkinson’s sufferers. my parkinson’s i firmly believe comes from my bowel. it is the fire leading to fire damage in the brain. specifically for me either side of my stomach along the rib line. when that area gets irritated it makes movement difficult. a course of refaxamin along with sibo diet helps calm the irritatation caused by bacterial overgrowth. but gp’s are unlikely to issue them. private only. anyway there is little incentive to research parkinson’s disease due to small financial reward. so how about a monetary reward pot for solving the parkinson’s disease cause and cure. or even just the cause. a worlwide central pot of money for finding the cure. i would not know how to set it up but perhaps some one out there does. could it even be gamified in some way as was done for a while with protein folding. maybe use open ai to gather all info on the web to find a link.maybe I’m clutching at straws, but money is a big incentive and there are some very clever people who could perhaps solve the problem of this horrible disease.

are you serious?