A friend has given me this powdered vitamin drink, Proargi-9+, but I need to know if it will interact with my PD meds., before taking it. Can't seem to find anything on the Internet. I just want to be sure it's safe to add to my regime.

I'm on Elderpryl and Madopar.

Any information would be welcome, please. Thanks in advance.


Hi Twinks,

Please do feel free to give the Helpline a call on 0808 800 0303 - I'm sure one of our Nurses will be able to help with some info about whether this might interact.

Best wishes,

Joanne - Digital team.

Try ringing the makers...

tel...028 9266 5482

It looks as if it is just a mixture of vitamins and minerals..

Good luck!


Thanks GG, might do that, but doubt whether they'll know much about Parky meds. and interactions. I'm probably being over cautious. Will ring the Helpline too, thanks Joanne. 


Hi Twinks, A quick look around gave me little unbiased info, but of interest was  ( site) the info on what seems to be an important ingredient, l-arginine  with warnings, interactions, etc.

I know if your taking entacphone there some vitamins you have to stay away from

Thanks for the replies Kate and Gus. Will do some more research to see if it interacts with Selegiline or Madopar before trying it.

Cheers,  Twinks.