Problems getting prescription

hi im currently having real difficulty getting my script from the local chemist(bellingham)this started about 4 months ago when my gp decided i was taking too many tablets a i was running out towards the end of the month this was either down to losing the odd tablet or taking the odd extra when required which has been no problem for the last 9 years!
now the doctor has put me on a weekly script which means a trip to the chemist every week which is ok probllem being the pharmacist refuses to keep stock of my meds meaning they are ordered the same day and sometimes the delivery doesn't come leaving me without meds till he next day.
the pamacist is totally unaware or doesn't care about the stress this causes and the gp refuses to prescribe an extra set of tablets.
the next nearest chemist is tesco in hexham(i live near kielder 25mile trip) i am getting stressed thinking about the delivery van getting through in the bad weather and what if cant get to tescos.
ive tried to reason with both the gp and pharmacist to no avail they both seem unaware of the effect the extra stress is causing me.has anyone any advice ?i, considering buying some extra tablets on-line ?
Sorry to hear of your problems.

I think that if you go to your local chemist and ask if the do "Blister Packs "
You could resolve this problem.

They put all your medicines in a blister pack with times and dates so you know what to take when.
Perhaps your GP would feel more confident in letting you have a longer supply.

Also, if you have a Boots in your area, you can join the scheme where they, Boots collect your prescriptions from your doctors and have them ready for you to pick up and even ask your doctors to standardise the dates on your prescriptions so they all match up and it's easier for collection.

They also provide a delivery service to you house if the need be.

I think you need to ask around the Chemisits in your local area and find the best solution.
Hope this helps.
:cry: know what to take when i need to take it thats not the problem the nearest chemist is bellingham 5 miles away who is argumentative uninteresred and deiberately is hexham 25 miles away all country roads there is a boots there i think but i doubt theyed be willing to do a 50 mile round trip every week plus the road to my village is often cut off at this time of year.
Dazz, I understand your problem especialy as you say your village can get cut off in the winter months due to snow, thus preventing delivery and also making it impossible for you to travel to nearest town, but then why should you when you have a chemist within your own village. As for your GP, is he the only GP in that area? if not then change to one who is more understanding and sympathetic to your needs. Do you have access to a PD nurse, if so she may be able to help.

Good Luck :grin:
Hello Daz, this is a ridiculous situation. I agree with Kylo about contacting your pd nurse or neuro to discuss this situation, they might be able to apply a little leverage on your GP. I had some problems recently when my GP refused to sign a shared care contract with my neuro, this needed to happen before I could be prescribed apomorphine pens. My GP's refusal meant that I couldn't have the meds.
I wrote to my GP who contacted the PCT, they contacted me and within a few weeks it was sorted out and I am now using the apomorphine.

Dont give up there is always a way, try contacting your local PCT for advice?

Hope this helps
Have you a PD nurse or can you contact your neuro? Failing that, complain to the Primary Health Care Trust. My friend got a result when the doctor was saying a certain med. could not be prescribed for another condition where she knew it was NICE approved.
Your current situation as a person suffering with PD is an absolute disgrace.
I used to find it difficult years ago before I wad dx with PD when they decided that monthly scrips were the biggest they would issue what with holidays, bank holidays. Christmas etc. and as you say the odd dropped pill.

I do wonder if the average GP or pharmacist actually understands what PD symptoms can be like uncontrolled - certainly the need for a "Get it on time campaign" for hospital stays suggests they do not. In fact it would not hurt to get hold of PD UK's "Get it on time" materials for medics. and show them to the pharmacist and the GP. Look up the publications list on the HOME page - see top left of this page.

I don't know quite how its happened but fortunately I have ended up with well over a month in hand and what a comfort that is.

Best of luck in your efforts to get the GP and pharmacist to use a bit of imagination
PS. My neuro suggested I take the odd extra tablet of sinetmet, e.g. for when I went on a ramblers holiday and he wrote that he had told me this in his letter to the GP who promptly upped my monthly tablets slightly to accommodate this which suprised me so some GP's are up to speed on chronic diseases and the need for uninterrupted supplies.

Good Luck
Sorry to hear of your trouble Dazzagambro. I have same problem obtaining my full quota of sinemet 12.5mg/50mg of which I take 3mg at 4 times a day.My chemist tries to keep some in, I usually have to re-order every 3 months or so.Even so I get them in dribs and drabs and several visits before I obtain the full amount.
It can be a real pain and I think the Suppliers mess the chemist about by not giving her the amount ordered.I have thought of going to a brand name but I have been with this chemist for years and I suppose I dont wish to break from her. Perhaps a miss guided loyalty, I dont know.
hi ive tried boots they cant do weekly scripts and docs still lrefusin to issue more than a week.went tto see practice manager last week as pharmacy failed to order again was spoken to.well like a pice of crap everyone in the waiting room looked shocked at the way i was spoken to.
can anyone recomend a doctor near hexham who has a clue about pd as im convinced nobody at bellinham surgery does:cry:
Iit has occurred to me that perhaps the practice manager (resident bureaucrat) rules the roost at your surgery.
i think your right ive allways thought that and after seeing a note on their computer about the cost of drugs im convinced it all comes down to cost. but what can i do.
ive tried the pdn at rvi they say they cant elp if doc wont replace tablets im short of!
im now having to go a day without stalevo and requip with the 8obvious conseqences.
can anyone help
touch wood i dont get probs with my prescripsions,the drs and chemist by me ,boots,is brill,imust be one of the lucky ones,well in a year ,i may of got 2 or 3 hicups along the line but thats nothin compared to most.they seem to be very organized,may be its the area u live in ,or the general practioners cus the pres gotta come from them in the first place,but its no excuse at all,i have herd lot of people complain ,my mom for instance she belongs to a different practice to me and htey always cockin her things up ,and she has alot of medication :rolling_eyes:
just an update bellingham surgery still refusing to issue more thana weeks script hospital say they cant help !!!
going to change docs tomorrow am convinced nobody at bellingham surgery has a clue about pd or the consequences of not having my meds and they certainly dont trust me to controll my meds myself even though ive done it very well for over ten years without their interferece.:confused::grin:
Dazz I'm not sure about saying this to you, if it wasn't the middle of the night perhaps I wouldn't but here goes. Does anyone else think some rotten bureacrat has managed to rid their practice of an expensive patient? Wonder if they get a bonus for it? Good luck to you in finding another doc but is there someone who would then help you to make a formal complaint about the old one? I'm sure you don't want the extra stress of doing it yourself after what you have already beeen coping with. Who is your local MP or is there a local councillor who woul dhelp? I feel you have been treated so shabbily.
i know what u mean about the chemist,where i live we have 3 pharmacies but 2 refuse to stock pramipexole in my dose and the 3rd only gett s my rasagline after i present my script:imp:
i think your right and by god im not gona let the beurocrat bitch get away with it,im gona get an appointment and get a monthly script and i as offered viagra a few month ago i think ill have some of them ive heard there not cheap,and i wonder if i can get rennies.
im sick of that penny pinching bitch after the way she spoke to me im gona be the biggest
most expensive pest shes got:grin::exclamation:
Dazz ......Be careful, this is a public forum and it only needs one person to bring this thread to your GP's and Chemists attention and life could then get even more difficult. Complain by all means if you have a genuine gripe but getting their backs up wont help you either in the short or long term. IMHO its always inadvisable not to mention specific GP practises. :wink:

Just trying to help :smile: addition to my post above, your PD nurse at the RVI can issue you with a prescription, normally signed by your consultant. We may probaly share the same PD Nurse and consultant so I know that this is possible. You should also try to get your consultant to intervene on your behalf with the GP practise/Chemist ?


I agree with you dude, but keeping silence about it and enduring medical arbitrariness is also wrong.

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