Problems sleeping trying sleeping pills

For the last 6 weeks have had sciatica been unable to walk more than few steps have had to get walking stick even for that.Have borrowed wheelchair from red cross Got blue badge last week even though I know I need it I hate having it,feeling all my independence is being taken from me.My partner still is in loads of pain with his kidney stones which he has had about 5 months now,3 zappings and now bigger than were.I have had about 2 hrs sleep a night for the last couple of months moving about alot and needing help turning in bed,feeling really guilty lack of sleep he is getting.I went to gp last week who put me on short course of sleeping tabs.zoplicone which didn't help me sleep also gave me side effects.Was changed to temazapam,tried it last night still hasn't worked.wondering if anyone knows if it takes a while for them to start working or if any of other meds on would effect it working.
On sinemet plus,entacopone,azelict,neupro patches,neurontin,adacium rapid, codeine and paracetamol.
take care x
Hello Dotty
I didn't want to read and run.
I can't help with the meds thing sorry I hope things get better for you soon
My husband has terrible sleeping problems and his GP and his neurologist wont give him sleeping pills even short term and as you know lack of sleep really get you down
Take care
Heather x
hi dotty sorry your havin sleepin problems,this is the same as me latley,i was put on zopiclone last week meself,and found they are workin for me.sorry they not helped for you,i guess we are all different and need different stengths.i have one just before i go to bed,with 4 amitriptyline,which are andepresents,but they also help with sleepin and relax your muscles durin the nite.they worked for me straight away,for instance have one at 9 by ten flat out,sleep through to five.your dr would not give you the sleep meds if it reacts aginst any of the other meds your on.i dont no about the time scale of workin with tamazampam,may be a good idea to give your gp a call before the weekend dotty and have chat with him,tell him they not helpin you and see wot he surgests,or your goin to be worrin over the weekend and not havin any kip,good luck,please let us all no how you get on :smile:
Sympathise with you having sleep problems. What has worked best for me is to take half a Seresta which I was given by my GP in France as a tranquilliser to use when needed. I am also on Prozac which works well but when overtired or worried it calms and relaxes me so I have a good night. However, in UK maybe they do not prescribe tranquillisers readily. I suppose you could try over the counter calming remedies. I find the Seresta is mild and does not have side effects. Hope you find something to help.
Thanks Heather,Ali j and Polly.
Sorry Heather that your partner is also having hard time sleeping.My GP has only given me a short course,14 days,hoping my body will get back into some sleep pattern.Have six kids here at weekends so can be tiring but still only manage couple of hrs sleep.
Sorry Ali to read about what happened to you,some sick people out there.Since my sciatica has been bad I haven't been able to get out on my own,only got borrowed wheelchair which has to be pushed,confidence not good anymore anyway.Don't know how long sciatica going to last so not sure about scooter yet,even scared to use one in supermarkets.:rolling_eyes:I have asked about amitriptyline,for some reason gp won't prescribe them to me,not sure if cos of other meds.
Polly thanks have tried calms from over counter but they didn't help,also tried relaxing techinics.Think temezapam strongest sleeping pill doctors will give me over here
Take Care x


Sorry to read about your problems.

Sciatica-like pains caught my eye - in addition to parkinsons I also had sciatica so bad I was living on painkillers and could hardly walk. Had MRI scan  and this revealed it was a back problem! Had decompression of the spine op. in March and that was the end of pains down the legs! Just an idea - hope you're doing well.