Problems with dentures

My husband who has had Parkinson’s for 7 years has recently been diagnosed its Parkinson’s dementia. He has recently had new dentures which the dentist says are a good fit. He can eat ok but when resting theybslip. I wonder if this could be due to increased saliva. Has anyone had this problem

Hi Mrs W,
I also have problems with my lower dentures,they are forever slipping even with glue on them.
My dentist has arranged an appointment at my local dental hospital to see if they can improve things…
I have also been diagnosed for nearly 7 years and definitely have increased saliva.
Shall let you know how I get on .
Cheers AnneD

Yes please. My husband had problems with the top ones slipping down that’s why he got new ones so a but disappointed as the dentist said they were a good fit

I had this problem too on the bottom. It got worse when I lost the last two teeth that helped to anchor the dentures. I could just about get to the shops and back before they started coming loose. Then I would have to plaster more fixodent on them. Fortunately I’m under the care of the dental hospital so a specialist was able to make new dentures with a spring mechanism. The pressure helps to keep them in. I still put fixative on the bottom as I have bruxism and it cushions the bottom gum a bit

Hi Mrs W
Sorry for the delay in replying,was at the dental hospital yesterday and I am getting a new set of dentures,the specialist said they will definitely be an improvement in the fit etc but with having parkinsons he didnt guarantee 100%.I am definitely getting this done as anything that helps is an improvement
How is your husband getting on now?
Cheers AnneD