Problems with pharmacy

My wife was recently diagnosed with PD and asked me to post to the forum regarding some issues with a local pharmacy. She is taking Sinamet and on medical advice is increasing the dosage to 3x3 per day. The supermarket pharmacy she uses seems to keep a certain level of supply but invariably asks her to go back to collect more at a certain time/date. The last time this happened she went back 4 times after which she was finally given the full prescription which is pretty frustrating. We are not sure whether this is problems with the supplier or whether the pharmacy itself is not very efficient. I wondered whether we should try elsewhere, would an independent pharmacist provide a better service? Also we wondered if a pharmacist would be willing to ensure adequate supply if they have a known regular customer who will always be taking in the prescription on a regular basis? Any feedback/advice on this would be gratefully received      

Hi. I'm no expert but that certainly seems very poor service and something that only adds unnecessarily to the stress of daily life with Parkinson's. 

Perhaps it would be worth talking to the pharmacist first and explaining the situation - they may suggest you telephone a few days in advance to save repeated wasted journeys, If you get no helpful feedback I reckon you should try elsewhere but also talk to the new pharmacist first to check they will do better.

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Just read your message about problems with pharmacy.    I have had problems with pharmacy and availability of Pramipexole.  See link in Treatments & Therapies

Many of the larger pharmacies work with tight financial rules and do not like to have any spare meds waiting in cupboards.   They also try to make sure they try to buy the best value meds available (which is understandable)

However, you should not have to put up with not getting your full prescription.  I live a distance from my pharmacy and often ring them to make sure my meds are ready and avoid a wasted journey.

Either go and talk to your pharmacy and tell them about your regular requirements or if this does not work then ask advice from your Parkinson's Specialist Nurse.    if you are able to email or telephone them then explain the issue and the Nurse may be able to contact the pharmacy on your behalf. 

Your GP may be able to help as well.

I hope your problem gets better.


Hi, i am having problems getting Azilect, there is a delay every month in getting the full amount when the prescription is first presented. Some times it takes two visits before i get the full amount. The Pharmacist tells me that they are only allowed a certain amount at a time, and he has to ration it out. Is anyone else having this problem?

I have only recently been put on Rasagiline.  Went to my local Boot Pharmacist.  They informed me "they were out of stock".  Said I didn't mind waiting  a few days.  Pharmacist said they were unlikely to be able to get it, and advised me "to go to Lloyds".  I was bit confused by this, but Boots obviously did not want to fill the prescription.  No problem at all at Lloyds.