Problems with phlegm

I was diagnosed in January 2014. I am 68 years old and I am still pretty active. I like art and craft, I'd call myself a Blue Peter Merchant....... I go out to different clubs and activities, so as to meet lots of people.

The bug bare I have at the moment is a problem with my face......lots of people would agree with that..... If I could cut my face in half I would see a rectangle of thick mucus......not good I have to blow my nose a 'lot' I can't eat properly, my speech suffers it is truly miserable. I've been like this since I started sinamet plus and pramipexole.ive had allergy tests ct scans ent tests and nobody can help. My gp seems to think it is a side affect of the pills, the PD consultant does not. Please please tell me someone else has the same symptoms as me and you can tell me anything that will help?

I look forward to hearing from anyone who thinks they might be able to help. This is my first time in writing, so I hope I made sense.......

thanks in advance

I've been talking sinemet plus for yrs no problems with this sorry and welcome to forum

My mother has exactly the same problem. Usually an issue during off periods when the meds are eating off. She’s tried cough sweets and nasal sprays but little helps. Scans have shown nothing structural (of course!) I would also be interested if anyone has any remedies or pointers for help

I have what feels like a lump / mucus at the back of my throat for almost a year. I have has a camera up my nose and down my throat three times, tried nasal sprays and reflux treatments but nothing helps. I’m due a CT scan of my neck in a few weeks. It is an awful feeling. Has anyone got any ideas? Could it be Parkinsons related?