Problems with teeth/gums


This might be a bit of a strange one but does anyone have issues of been really prone to tartar/plaque and have bad gums.

I get a lecturer everytime I go to the dentist and I’m sure they think I don’t brush my teeth but it doesn’t seem to matter what I try I am just really prone to plaque.

I have read it can be caused by dry mouth or even to much calcium.

hmm me too. I mentioned it to my dentist, she in turn, referred me to my own GP. You can get a spray and sugar free capsules that help.

I also spoke to my chemist and I have an off the counter mouth wash - no specific one. If my tongue gets really sore I then use a mouth ulcer mouth wash.

I also get a coating on my gums and teeth that feels like slime.

I had to have a couple of teeth out, at first, I thought Iwas allergic to what the plate and 2 teeth are on. Through trial and error I have now come to the conclusion its not that.

It is amazing me just what can be attributed to PD.

Interesting I might look into the spray and capsules.

I have been convinced for some time that it’s all linked to my other issues I don’t have parkinsons but Dopa responsive dystonia and always wondered if it was because like my muscles maybe the nerves in my face/gums/mouth are overactive.

From what I can tell people on certain medications can get dry mouth due to their medications and also people with ADHD I think the later is the answer to my issues. People with ADHD move their mouths a lot causing more saliva which then causes more bacteria.

My son is 7 an all of a sudden his front teeth were covered the dentist scrapped it off but 3 days later it was back!

I have the same problems with plaque and gum disease, so that my dentist wants to see me every 4 months. It never occurred to me that it was linked to PD. That’s interesting.