Profile bed

Hello all, I’m just wondering if anyone out there has experience of swapping from an ordinary double bed to a profile one? My husband is finding it increasingly difficult to get in and out of bed during the night when he needs the loo. We are currently waiting for our local incontinence clinic to come and fit him with a convene to try. If he manages to use it then hopefully he won’t have any need to get out of bed during the night and thus reduce the risk of falling on to the floor where he can’t get back up again. This has happened quite a few times lately and always results in paramedics having to be called out as he can’t get back up. It’s a constant worry to me and causes restless nights for us both. If anyone can share their experience of using a profile bed we’d love to hear from you. Thanks, Jean.

Hello Jean1
I don’t think you will be surprised to hear that beds can be as complicated as any other piece of equipment so I hope the problem is largely solved by a successful convene trial. I won’t go into great detail here but I thought it might be helpful just to make you aware of a few general points.
There are two main types of bed adjustable and profiling. This gives quite a good explanation of the differences between the two,

You can get double beds in both profile and adjustable beds where each half of the bed operates independently of the other.

There are beds that can move you from a lying to sitting position - the mattress turns and bends so you are effectively in a position on a par with sitting in a chair. There are also beds that can bring you to a standing position. Then there are beds which can be lowered close to the floor, so when someone falls out of bed the person is able to get back into bed because it is so much lower than a standard bed.

Beds can move in various ways commonly these Include some or all of the following

Raise and lower height
Independently raising head and foot or moving both
Tilt bed up and down at head and feet ie like this / \

I would strongly recommend you get good advice and consider carefully what you need the bed to do if you are considering self funding. Alternatively contact adult care services at your local council for an assessment and advice by an occupational therapist.

I hope this is helpful.

Thank you Tot, I’ll have a good look around before I decide. As usual there seems too much choice! He is going to trial a conveen first and see how he gets on. His main problem is getting in and out of bed at night for the loo. We’re hoping with this he can stay in his own comfy double bed for a while longer yet. We’ll just have to see how it goes next few days. Thanks again. Plenty to think about! Jean