Profile beds

We are thinking that my husband needs a profile bed and OT is in agreement but which one? And how do I know which mattress to get as no advice given just that we always use NRS!
Any help would be appreciated like are they going to help me get him out of bed and will it help him to sleep easier.
thanks everyone

Hello modian

I recommend that you approach 2 or 3 specialist companies so you can see exactly what is on offer. I don’t know if they all do it but there are companies that will bring an assessment bed for you to try at home. Profiling beds tend to be about 6" longer than a standard bed to allow for the movements. Beds can do combinations or all of the followng adjustable height, head and feet rise either separately or together, horizontal head raise horizontal foot raise. There are also beds designed to bring you to standing. Some have a massage facility. Remember you are the customer you do not have to buy unless you are sure. I would recommend you take a day or two to be sure. If you are sure about what you want when you’ve seen a few either at home or in a showroom you may find that a fairly standard and therefore less expensive bed will do.However think long term not just what you need now. Ask about delivery, installation and after care guarantees and/or insurance although as a piece of equipment generally they are reliable. Beds should be supplied with an appropriate mattress that is designed to bend with the bed, a standard mattress won’t work. Fitted sheets are easiest but be sure they fit the bed length. You may want to start by getting some brochures to give you a few ideas and decide if you want a home assessment or go to a showroom but I strongly suggest you do see a couple before making any decisions it is potentially quite a big outlay.

As a by the by it may have changed but if a bed is recommended usually you would be eligible for a hospital bed or equivalent- although you may prefer to buy and have what looks like a standard bed.

Hope this helps a bit

Thanks Tot
All makes sense, I think I just want someone to say this is what you need as I am getting worse at making decisions. Everything costs so much and my husband sees the numbers and says “No”.
OT should be getting back to me but they are so stretched both time and money wise.
Thanks for your help though

i think it will become clearer when you actually see a bed. However a bed with adjustable height is, in my opinion always useful - it can be raised and lowered to suit the height of the carers and is useful for getting a good height making it easier to change the bed and as an extra table for folding laundry :rofl: the variable height can help getting on or off the bed - raising it up to get off and lowering to get on. It doesn’t necessarily help with positioning unless he can shuffle back a bit. If he can’t you may need a slide sheet or bed linen designed to help with positioning ie a strip down the middle which is a slippery fabric like silk in effect an integral slide sheet but these can be quite expensive. Check the maximum head and feet can be altered and the remote for simplicity of use. When raised to sitting it can be hard to reach items on a bedside table and an over bed table of some description is probably worth it. He may sleep better but not necessarily so if it is part of his Parkinson’s symptoms but being able to alter his position a bit may mean he is a bit more comfortable.
You really do need to see one somewhere because once you see how they work you’ll be much better placed to know what you need.
Hope this additional info helps, I’m not really sure what else i can tell you but please do ask if there’s something you particularly want to know

Contact your local district nurse service a profile best will probably be provided FOC my mum has had one for 5 years through NRS

thanks for the help now have a profile bed arriving this week organised by the OT. We are looking forward to getting out of bed becoming easier!

Excellent news. I hope it makes life easier for you both.