does the age of someone with pd have a impact on the rate of progresion,does someone dx at a young age progress more rapdly compared to someone dx later in life?:smile:
I have only been diagnosed almost a year,so it's early days for me. I have only noticed a slight increase in my symptoms, however; It is hard to know as I have been taking medication. I don't know what I would have been like if I wasn't taking the Requip.

I was diagnosed at 52
I believe statistically that young onset is slower progression but that doesn't mean that individuals can't progress fast is young onset and slow in normal onset.
I find some days i`m worse than others, i take requip slow release and amantadine. I dread to think how i`d be without them!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Hi, i like Carolineb21 am in my first year of dx and symptoms variable and come and go. I was relectant to start meds and am on low dose mainly because symptoms are bearable and mild at the mo and i odly want to monitor not mask my symptoms so i can see how it's developing. I too have read statistically/people experiences on this forum that young onset fair ok, but on the other hand have seen witnessed a couple of youngsters in a bad way :( i think life deals us the hand we have been given?? maybe further down the line i might rebel agaisnst my own statement?? Who knows? :confused:

Best of luck every one (including myself)!

Think it is a slower progression Ali. Not absolutely certain.
When I was dx at the age of 48 I did not take any meds my decision. Managed as long as I could, However I started to struggle with my walking and pains in my arms and shoulders, making my mobility very difficult. Have been taking Requip XL slow release for some time now and it has helped me get back my mobility which is great but for how long I really don't know. My dosage has now been increased, not happy about that but I Shall keep going, well, for a little while longer, I hope. Still working!! now 54 .
pb x
I suspect that with young onset pd it may seem to be progressing more slowly because you are generally fitter and more supple. Therefore better able to cope. When you get to my age (65) your muscles and joints start to get somewhat stiffer anyway and the pd will tend accentuate this trend.
Now that makes perfect sense Christo !!!
Signed in this morning to write about PD progression and there it was this article.Dont want to keep going on about it but as said before it helps me to write. Broke up with alcoholic partner just before xmas he is now in rehab apparently for 3 months,lots of things to discuss when comes out he owes me he wants present back ie.jewelery but the thing is, i have now been told by mutual friends he could not deal with my PD and other things that i have. Depression bad back i am in lot of pain most of the time but have been told you would never know i have depression i take my meds and hide it well.Hearing this has hit home to me about the progression of PD how will it affect me later on never thought much about it before just got on with it.Now i suppose just feeling sorry for myself. I know i am better off without this man in my life bearing in mind he has an illness to,and i hope he can succeed in rehab this time.,but i dont have a choice do i,just play the waiting game on my own.x
What waiting game, Hopeful?

Waiting to get worse?
Waiting to die?
Waiting for a cure?

Don't waste your life waiting for something to happen.

Get out and live it.

That's the spirit Caroline!
No one knows what the future holds so best not to think too much about it.

Fill your life with living and your heart will be full of joy!