Progress Report

Well it has been 4  weeks and 2 days since I officially joined the ranks of the afflicted. I am now on 6 mg Eppinix XL daily. Nausea is currently my worst side effect. It comes and goes and varies in intensity. My tremor still rattles away but less so than in the premed days. The rigidity and slowness is still making my right hand more useless than my left hand but I have noticed a slight improvement in scrawl that passes for my handwriting (thank goodness for computer keyboards) My Parkinson's nurse thinks I will need to be on 10 mg ropinirole daily to tame the tremor so I still have some way to go before I hit the optimum dosage.

I think I'm in the right place mentally and just want to concentrate on doing the best I can with the cards I've been dealt. I am lucky to have some great friends who have stepped up to the plate in their support for me . I am also back at work again and enjoying it. I am very fortunate to have a very understanding employer, managers and colleagues. 

Parkinson's.Org have a 6 part self management course starting later this month in our neck of the woods and I was fortunate to obtain a place.

So far so good ...






watch out for compulsive behaviour with ropinerole (gambling, sex, anything fun) 

personally i believe in an early start to levodopa, but thats just my opinion.

just reached my 6th year anniversary. still at work.




Hi Turnip,

Thanks for the warning. I am paranoid about developing OCB and have some safeguards in place. i hope I will be one of the fortunate 75% of ropinirole users who do not exhibit OCB.  

I am watching England vs Fuji in the opening game of the Rugby World Cup and the suspense of the match has made my tremor go crazy in both my hand and leg. I am going to have to record the games and watch them after I know the final score. I just can't take the suspense !