Progression of P.D

Hi everbody yesterday from nowhere I experienced what I would call a mega tremor on my left arm and hand ..It convulses on its own
quite happily which I tend not to be concious of but now and again when I hold a drink in that hand without thinking it tends to spill and I dont realise it,s doing it much to the amusement of my O.H. the other day.
But a yesterday morning in my alter ego as a church organist ( no stress as I have been playing for years ) playing the first hymn
my left arm sudden went absolutely haywire pulse rate shot right up I felt that all the way up to the base of my skull.
fortunately it subsided I recovered enough to finish the service
I went up to my A&E and got checked out ...ECG etc and a full check over by the doc.who fortunately gave me the all clear for heart attack and stroke T.I.A. etc and we chatted about P.D. and we both agreed that my convulsion fit being localised in my left arm was down to Mr P

Has anyone else out there expeienced a similar mega tremor/s ???

Any clues ...Ian (M)
Not myself, but OH regularly has extreme tremors in their hand. At night, they beat the bed with some vigour,many times during the night, rendering sleep impossible for me but also probably waking them too. Hence the single bed adjacent to our double, for just such times. Last resort,not wanted, but I need my sleep.
Hi Ian (M)
i know what you are talking about i'm on 12 mg ropinirole, and i have been having these as you say mega tremors since november last year, they always catch me unaware and have lasted from 5 minutes- 1hour 50 minutes, they make my arm and shoulder ache, i have told my pd nurse and doc, they both have said this is normal, and that even though the meds will help my symptoms, which at the moment they are not, the meds can't stop the mega tremors, so all i can say is ask your own nurse, see if you get the same answer as me, sorry i can't give you any help, but you now know your not on your own , so take care
Team Shaky

Yawning does it for me every time - left arm goes major - no control - amplitude is about two to three times my normal shake!!!
Also on the Rock N Roll tablets - XL 20mg. Definitely eased the pain but didn't do much for the tremors. Got scripted Benzhexol but defo didn't like the potential side effects so I live with the tremor. At rest it's zero so sleep not effected


my tremor this evening was kicking off in side of me,if u no wot i mean ,then as time gone on,hand started ,but when i put it straight out hand open it goes bad ,but when i clench my fist it went crazy ,any ideas,why anyone,has this tio do with the nerves,pressing?
Hi ..thanks to you so far that have replied to my message
R.E. mega convulsions for me it is a very unwelcome progression if it is part of the spiral of Mr P fortunately I have an appointment with my Neuro next week ..just another thing to add to the list of questions I have lined up

again thank you for your feedback keep as well as you can

Lots of love to everybody with this condition and to those recently diagnosed don,t give in to it ..Ian (M)
im going one step forward two steps back.