Propanalol not working

My husband was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago. His main problem is left hand/arm shaking very badly, He has bipolar disease and even before diagnosis was very depressed, This has now been exacerbated by lack of improvement, He followed meds instructions for first month, taking correct dosage of Sinemet but then found he was waking up with intense panic attacks. So he halved the dosage and felt a little better, though still having major sleep problems. He then started on Propanalol that he had been prescribed and I think he had pinned all his hopes on this stopping his arm from shaking but unfortunately this has not happened. He has now grown really despondent. Our appointment with Parkinsons Nurse is not till July 3rd and in October with the consultant.
Where do we go now??? Feeling very panicky and alone.
Thanks for listening.

Hi Mckenzie,
We’re very sorry to hear your husband is facing these new challenges. We would encourage you to reach out to our advisory team, as they are excellent sources of advice with regard to medication and side effects. They are on 0808 800 0303 and always ready to help.
With our warmest wishes,
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Hi McKenzie,
I take Propranolol, and they’re beta blockers. At least thats what my doc told me. I was having panic attacks and anxiety. I’m not PD, but my dad is.
I hope your husband can find the best meds for him soon.
My dads 12.5/50 sinemet doesn’t seem to be working, so we’re waiting for a meds review on the 23rd of this month. Im guessing PD meds can be a bit like anti depressants? Sometimes you have to try different ones before you find one that suits you.
Dad was only diagnosed in April, so we’re on the discovery path too.