Hello does anybody take propranolol for tremor if so when is the best time to start this medication and are there any side effects except for sickness,dizziness, tiredness, this is a beta blocker ,do anybody have any results

I was taking madopar, but still found sleeping very difficult, as it seemed once I was in bed, I felt a tremor in my shoulder area, as well as my hand, so I did a bit of research online and it appeared my issue was palpitations.

I spoke to my GP and he suggested we try propananol, which I found stopped the palpitations altogether (which I thought were tremors) and certainly made getting to sleep much easier, although unfortunately didn’t stop my hand tremors.

I hope this helps.

I have been taking propranolol since I was diagnosed 13 years ago it was the first med my neurologist gave me and it helped my tremor. I still get a bit of a tremor if I’m stressed but nothing to what it was like when I was first diagnosed. I take 20mg twice daily and like I say that hasn’t changed in thirteen years. I hope this is of some help to you.

Kind Regards

Initially my neurologist thought i had essential tremor so gave me inderal(propranol). Helped and still does help my tremors now i know i have Parkinsons. Only need 1-3 10 mg tablets a day when meeting people. Didn’t notice any side effects.

Hello, I’m interested in this post as my husband was first prescribed propranolol before he was diagnosed with PD. Initially they ascribed his tremor to stress/anxiety even though he told them this wasn’t the case. He did take the propanolol though and as it was 7 years ago, I can’t recall if it did anything to alleviate his tremor. By then other symptoms kicked in and he was eventually diagnosed with PD. The propanolol was stopped and Sinemet was started. He’s been on this ever since, albeit at increased dosage over the years. He remains tremor predominant and the consultant said the tremor would always be hard to control. My question is this: does anyone take propanolol along with other PD meds, especially Sinemet? I’d be interested to know if the combination of these drugs improved the level of tremor experienced. Of course it’s a question we’ll put to our PD nurse at next appointment but in the meantime it would be good to hear from anyone who has positive feedback from taking Propanolol with other PD meds. Many thanks and best wishes to all. Jean

Hello jean i take sinemet and propranolol for my parkinsons tremor dominate i have been told my tremor is not aggressive now taking these meds together i take 1x sinemet 25/100 4 times a day 6am 10am 2pm 6pm and also take propranolol 20mg 2x a day 6am 6pm my tremor is better now on propranolol ime hoping to go to 40mg twice a day as i feel my tremor needs this increase
Thank you for your reply

Good morning Calv, thank you for your speedy reply. It’s something I’ll definitely mention at our next PD nurse appointment. To be honest, although the tremor can at times be very debilitating, it’s the other non- motor symptoms that have evolved over the past couple of years that now concern me more… But anything that helps reduce at least one of his symptoms would be most welcome. I’m glad your meds regime seems to be working well for you. Long may it continue! Best wishes, Jean