Hi everyone i have been taking sinemet 4 x a day for my resting tremor no joy there but have changed meds to 10mg x 2 once a day 80% tremor gone for 8hrs really pleased with this result at last some thing works after 3 yrs

I started madopar 2 weeks ago with no benefit on tremor so far. However i also found propanol helps much more on the tremor reducing it by at least half

Hello AAo wot other parkinsons symptoms do u have

Symptoms came on 2 months ago at age 44 and just diagnosed on DATScan 2 weeks ago. Main symptom is tremor in left arm/hand and leg, then some sleep disturbance and needing too much poop (4 times a morning). Since starting Madopar I had huge Nausea which Motillium seems to have resolved in the last week. Still new to me, scared on how it will progress, told family/friends but still hiding it from work while I work out how I will react to drugs. Was usingz Inderal for the last 2 months and it really seems to help reduce tremor by over 50%.

Hi AAO i have left hand arm tremor have had this 3yrs was on 4 x sinemet a day increasing to 8 x sinemet a day no rest from tremor then reduced sinemet 4 x a day 2 x propranolol a day lost 80 to 90% of tremor no other symptoms full arm swing i drive ,ride a motorbike, and tow a caravan ,also work full time, work have been great not afraid of disease i might have parkinsonism but it hasn’t got me

Thats really encouraging. I hope for me it will be like you. What time of day do you take it?

Ive only been taking Inderal (Propranolol) before key events but maybe I should be adding it to my daily regime. Madopar has done nothing for me so far except make me feel sick so currently Parkinsons has me… Problem is the left hand/arm shake has recently spread to the left leg and I have reduced arm swing…

You only have tremor or do you have other symptoms the Sinemet helped with?

Hi i take my meds at 5.45am every day except weekend when i wait till 9am i dont have any other symptoms as of yet ime hoping to eliminate the sinemet all together as this doesn’t helps me at all to look at me you wouldn’t know i have parkinsonism except for my resting tremor

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very interesting topic for me. I tought that propranolol is for essential tremor and some other conditions. I take Requip, Razagilin, PK Merz, but I think the only thing helps me is Helex (not so noticible tremor is my dominant simptom but it’s worsen even in minimally stressful situations, or rather to tell in situations that are not stressful at all under normal circumstances).
To be honest, I’m not feeling comfortable to ask my neurologist, doctors dont like when patients give their own diagnoses and propose therapy. What did your neurologists tell you?

Hi martina as my parkinsons is tremor dominant i was advised buy my consultant to try betablockers yes essential tremor is treated but also parkinsons tremor

Hello calv1960, before my husband was diagnosed he was prescribed propranolol as he had shaking in his legs and arms. At the time they thought it could be a physcological/stress related tremor as he didn’t have much in the way of other symptoms related to Parkinson’s. Nine months later we were back seeing a consultant neurologist who diagnosed Parkinson’s. He said it was tremor predominant and took him off the propanolol and introduced trihexphyndl (sic)which didn’t do much so he stopped it as it can affect cognivity and made him very sleepy. Now he just takes Sinemet and recently added Safinamide. The consultant told him his tremor would be difficult to control and he was right. He’s not too bad when fully ‘on’ his meds but when coming off or in stressful situations, it is still very apparent. I’ve heard DBS works really well on tremor but sadly he wasn’t a suitable candidate. I may mention the propanolol to our PD nurse when we next see her. Have you found it does help control your tremor? Thank you Jean

Hello jean i can honestly say my resting tremor is reduced by60% on a good day and about 40% on a bad day i take 40mg twice a day ive had to build this slowly as propranolol can reduce your heart rate also i dont take my 2nd dose until i need it so in the week i take 40mg on a weekend i take 40mg twice a day as well as sinemet, sinemet doesn’t really help me as ive got tremor dominant parkinsonism ive also on waiting list for cue1

I will ask my neurologist, but I also suffer from ortostatic hipotension. In fact my blood presure always was low, 60/80 , 70/90…probably propranolol is not good for me since it can lower blood presure.