Hi everyone after having propranolol now for over 6months with little increase in medication from 10mg to 80mg twice a day i have 10hrs tremor free so this is the dose for me blood pressure is ok because using propranolol can reduce your blood pressure so it looks like a beta blocker is helping me

Good evening calv1960 … I think positive posts like yours give everyone an uplift. Most of the posts on Parkinson’s UK are negative & people with problems.
So a good news story is great. Thank you. I have Atypical Parkinson’s & take nothing for it [confirmed by a positive DATscan].

I had my second 48 hour stay in Eastbourne hospital in 3 weeks a week ago. [May
I recommend the Chicken Masala to any residents. My one catering complaint is that they do an all day breakfast but you can’t have it for breakfast].

This visit I had a very high & erratic heart beat [160 BPM]. I honestly thought I might be having a heart attack. Certainly a lot more exciting than the Parkinson’s issues
I enjoy.

I was given BISOPROLOL which like your PROPRANOLOL is a BETA BLOCKER. My dose was increased from 2,5mg initially to 5mg & has now reverted to just
1 x 2.5mg a day. I was also put on APAXIBAN 2 x 5mg a day [blood thinner].

So I went from a high erratic BPM of 160 BPM to a steady 55 BPM all in the space of 24 hours. My heart is now so quiet I cannot feel or hear it. Spooky.

Apparently I will be having a “review for potential cardioversion” in another 7-10 days.
I have a CHADVASC score of 2. Cardioversion sounds a lot of fun. I probably shouldn’t have gone on Youtube to see a video of the procedure.

Best wishes

Is propranolol an anti depressant and can it be taken with selegiline?

Hi jeanibeani propranolol is a beta blocker mainly used for patients who have heart conditions it is not an anti depression tablet

Propranolol at 80mg, twice daily, gives me 10 tremor-free hours. Its blood pressure effects work well for me.