I have tried to post on the previous thread about this gene-based treatment but no typed letters will appear in the box, hence the topic posted as a new thread.

As I understand it, Research assured us that the delayed final clinical trials of this promising treatment would begin in May 2014.

No reports of such progress are available.

Could Research find out about the current situation for those of us waiting with bated breath for what seems to be a very effective treatment comprising one injection?

With thanks


I thought that it was a 10year trial. they are probably under orders from the mafia pharmas to wait until patents have run out.

All these trials seem to have patients with different types and doses of medication and some may be under or over dosed. Plus the effect of food, pill timing, constipation,lack of sleep, stress etc.

I dont see how they would be able to measure any results accurately or consistently

Just typed a long post only for it to disappear when I attempted to correct it!

Short version...

It's a one-off injection into the brain.

Superb results on 15 people years ago.

Now only "monitoring" of original patients despite promises of stage 3 trials .

I agree with Roberto.

Told by an insider no funding available for further trials..PDUK told it was a "clinical decision."

Clarification needed.



Hi GoldenGirl, Roberto and Leyther,

I've just checked the Oxford Biomedica website and in their 2015 update they say:

"Promising three year follow-up data from ProSavin® Phase I/II study. Phase I/II clinical trial utilising OXB-102, a more potent version, on schedule to begin in 2016."

You can read this for yourselves here:

I will email them and ask if there's any further information they can provide about either the three year follow up data from the original trials, or the planned studies to start next year.

If and when I hear back from them I will post their reply for you here.

Very best wishes


(Research team)

Thank you Claire...I see the press release is identical to the one issued in April 2014

But at least they are now saying they will begin in 2016....

What have they been waiting for for 2 years?

It's all so painfully slow...




well, I think i'll put the cartwheels on hold then, not much to be excited about there. If it is so good then why isn't someone funding it to push it along. It makes you wonder whose pulling the strings.

Does the idea of a one-off injection obliterating the need for life-long pill regime have an adverse effect on the process of bringing this to the people who need it?

I hate to think the worst of Big Pharma but the Ebola "cure" didn't go through all this palaver but there were no patented drugs out there to protect.

I hope I am wrong and progress will speed up.

Love to all those who wait, and suffer.


Why doesn't the NHS push these trials forward ? It would save £££££££££ s in lifelong pill treatments and so quickly recover the cost of the one off treatment.

Maybe it needs a celebrity PWP like Billy Connolly to front a TV campaign about it and incite enough public support to shame the government into acting.

Breath-holding is not advised . . . !


In my opinion it all boils down to the grip that the big pharmas have on any progress. If someone dug deep into the goings on in their companies you would be amazed  I'm sure. There are plenty of stories about supermarkets, ivory poaching and benefit cheats, but have you ever seen one about drug companies? I haven't and probably won't." Keep them alive for longer and stuff them full of pills" , the more the merrier. but whatever you do don't find a cure! it will cost us too much money. I doubt that there will be any better treatments than we have already, how much research has gone on over the past 10 to 15 years and what has it done to benefit us? Well i can't think of anything. Can you?

Ben Goldacre wrote 2 books about the drug companies and their corrupt practices.The  second one was "Bad Pharma".

They are horrific in the scale of the drug companies' behaviour and the lack of action taken against them.

As they provide huge funds to the Tory party, the government protect their interests....just look at TTIP!

GlaxoSmithKline, for example, has been fined billions of dollars , but nothing in the UK, yet it is only a tiny fraction of their profits.

I think our best chance is The  Michael J Fox organisation who cannot be bribed by these companies.

They put millions of dollars into research that the drug companies won't touch....

We live in a world where everything is run for the benefit of the top 1% to whom  profit and greed is all that matters.

Thank goodness for loving family and friends and the majority of the non-1% who care for each other and try to mitigate the damage done by those who care nothing for the poor and sick....unless they become poor or sick themselves ....




Read and weep...


Last one....but if anyone wants more info...just type "drug companies and government" into a Google box.

It is heartbreaking.


Well Well, is anyone surprised?  I'm not. Like pigs in a trough.

Hello again everyone I have received a response from Oxford Biomedica which I have pasted below. I have also asked that they keep us updated so that we can highlight any developments or opportunities to participate to people affected by Parkinson's. Best wishes, Claire From Oxford Biomedica: "Thank you for your inquiry about ProSavin. The 3 year data have not yet been published in detail, but we are currently preparing the manuscript. A brief summary of those data was given at a meeting of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons [AANS] and a press release was issued in that regard on 5th May 2015." "We are continuing to develop the more potent version, OXB-102, that will be started in a clinical trial next year. The first trial site will likely be Cambridge, UK, followed quickly by Paris, France. The protocol is being finalised now and will involve up to 30 patients in the first study. Once the details are agreed and fixed, they will be given on"

Thank you Claire, 

It is so frustrating knowing there are trials showing great results and then watching years go by without any change to the usual provision....

But I do appreciate your efforts to find info for us.