Just wondering if anyone has tried this natural product which is supposed to reduce oxidative stress and quite safe to take alongside PD meds.? It's called PROTANDIM. My friend has recommended it, (she had a stroke aged 42),  but would be interested to hear from anyone who's tried it for Parkinson's.

It sounds a bit dodgy to me.

Protandim is sold by a multi-level marketing company (which always makes me wary) and seems to consist of just a few herbs. There are a lot of claims about what it can do, but nothing to back these claims up.

Sorry I haven't found anything positive.frown

Hi Tabbycat,

Yes, I've been doing a bit of research too. Apart from everything you mentioned, it's blooming expensive and contains milk thistle, green tea extract and turmeric (and something else I can't remember). I drink green tea and use turmeric a lot in cooking already, so will not be trying this product out.

I will be eating lots of broad beans and their pods, when they're ready though.......supposed to contain small amounts of natural Levadopa. My neighbour has an allotment and brings me loads of fresh produce as it ripens. Unfortunately I'm not that keen on broad beans, but when needs must.......

Thanks for replying.



Makes an interesting read.'s.htm


If a rather difficult one.eek It's not hard to design a readable webpage these days, I do wish people would make a bit of effort!

But yes, interesting stuff. If only we all had the time and money to check ourselves into a health spa for a month and have a good detox - I'm sure it would do us the world of good.

Hi Twinks,

I would just like to say that I have a good friend who just recently started taking Protandim. He is 40 years old with Parkinson's disease. He's been on the product for about a week now and has noticed a little difference in mobility. I also have a friend with MS that hasn't had a lock up, as she calls them, since five days of taking Protandim and she's been on it for 6 weeks now. I understand people are skeptical but from the two personal stories I know I would definitely say it's worth a shot. I was told there is a you tube video of a woman with Parkinson's who has documented her progress with Protandim. I would check that out. Maybe you could reach out to her? I don't personally know her but it does seem pretty impressive. 

I've researched this product extensively and I have found many positives to it. It has been clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress by up to 40% in 30 days. All I would recommend is to do your own research. Many diseases Are linked to oxidative stress. i hope this helps

Tabby cat 

good on you no being fooled by some of the crap sold nowadays nothing wrong with your brain anyway !!!


Sunnydayz, where did you find that figure of 40%?