Protecting myself from falls


I was diagnosed in 1997 and now I fall over more frequently than ever. The worst falls come (so obviously) when I'm not expecting one; it feels as though my shoelaces have been tied together, and down I go.

I tried to get handrails installed in my (council) flat but the plasterboard walls wouldn't take it, so I just have to be extra careful and support myself with doorways, furniture, etc until I am found another place.

In the meantime - should I look for a cycle helmet to wear around the flat? I'm serious, because once I go down then I really fall heavily, into doors, corners, cookers, anything hard and angular. What have others done at this stage?


Hello Wobla

I think the helmet is a brilliant idea!

I've not much helpful to offer. My mother (not parky but unsteady on her feet) used a half size tea trolley to move around inside the flat. Have you got a zimmer or anything like that?


hi wobla , i used to be a plumber and put big radiators on plasterboard walls,ues longer screws to pick up brick work behind walls or find were noggings are ie wood supports cut out plasterboard neatly with stainly knife and put more wood in where support are & going to fit grab rails thenput board back & fit rails ! load of g--- they can not do it ! no such word as cant..


Hi all

When I trip, I can usually save myself from going down (except when I was in the garden and fell into the vegetable bed).

Now during  the last month or so I have gone blank twice, just for a few seconds in which time I fall straight on the floor.  I happened to be in the office.  I don't actually go unconscious but I can't use my limbs to save myself.     I was slightly embarrassed but more concerned that I had landed on my backside which hurt! 

It might be a sudden drop in blood pressure but I'll have to watch it.  

Maybe I should tie cushions around me?



hi casie, i use the parkinsons branded walking stick to help my walking,plus helps alot balance wise!