Protein and carbohydrate balance

Does anyone have any experience of using their diet particularly balance of preteins and carbohydrates to help using parkinson drugs. Or can point out any previous posts on this topic?
Hi, for me protein hinders the effect of levadopa. Carbs don't necessarily have a negative effect, unless I eat large quantities. My average day would be, no protein (except a little milk) at breakfast, very little protein at lunch (a little hummus or similar), then a small piece of fish or chicken with plenty of veg for my evening meal. I have tried no protein at all in the course of a day, but I don't think this helped. I feel my body does need a little protein to help with the absorption of levadopa. In between meals, a piece of fruit or a biscuit seems fine. For me it has been trial and error and even then sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to whether I get a good 'hit' or hardly any 'hit'. Big meals are a no no though.