I'm on Sinemet plus four times a day. Doc just prescribed me Prozac for depression.Anyone else taking prozac/ ANY GOOD?
Yes it has helped me enormously and also helps me to deal better with any pain and discomfort. Wouldnt be without it now. On 20 mg per day.
I am a really big fan of Prozac. As a premenopausal woman it has also helped enormously with the menstrual cycle and the way it systematically interferes with my PD meds. Now at the age of 50 I have had to come off my HRT, my GP and I have therefore increased my dose of Prozac to 60 mg per day. A combination of Ropinirole xl and Prozac had become the basis of my existence.
However, as with all of these drugs you and those around you must remain vigilant in order to detect early any possible unwanted side-effects. However, I am also a great believer in starting a new drug with a positive outlook: this can only help. Good luck.