I’m still having trouble with constipation and Dr has suggested PRUCALOPRIDE, and i was thinking if anybody knows any thing about it?

Hi Greg.
I am on prucalopride now for over year, it works fine. Also you will need to take laxative.
Constipation in Parkinsons is funny thing , your gut system is working but so slow…

Hello GregRT, my husband suffers badly with constipation. He was prescribed bisacodyl tablets which he takes early evening and also lactulose 20mg twice a day. Some days are better than others but it’s a constant struggle to keep on top of it. Very frustrating and unpleasant too. I may ask Dr about the prucalopride if things don’t improve. In the meantime I hope it works for you.

Thank you and good luck

It’s good to know it works thank you.

It stopped working for my mum, after two weeks. It sucked a lot. What dose are you on?

Hi taniacrowe, I am on prucalopride 2mg