Psychological support

I'm looking into psychological support for my husband (54 years old has both Parkinsons diagnosed 2005 and Multiple Sclerosis diagnosed 2001).  He has gone from a 'positive mental attitude' type of person, to someone who is increasingly depressed (quite naturally given his prognosis) and I think he would benefit from some support of this nature.  I'm looking for some private assistance - does anyone have experience of where/who to go to, how much it costs per session etc...?  We are in Surrey.  

I am so sorry to hear about your husban's plight, Juliam.

My husband suffered dreadful problems because of the DAs he was oversubscribed.

Eventually we were offered counselling with a neuropsychologist who dealt with psychological problems caused by neurological illnesses and/or their treatment.

We both received counselling for 2 years which helped us both come to terms with our situation and cope with it.

All this was on the NHS and we had to be referred by a consultant.

Could you find out if this is available in your area?

You really need a person who knows about the conditions and is trained in appropriate methods of support.

If you go to a private counsellor they can be Internet-trained or just enthusiastic amateurs!

We are in Leeds but I assume all Health Trusts have a neuropsychologist in their area and your husband should qualify for help.

Good luck!



  Hello Juliam

                        I was referred to a real expert Psychologist by my Neurologist and this was huge assistance to me and put me back on track after long term depression,so do push for your husband to make a appointment with your nearest  hospital it takes a few visits mind so dont look for overnight changes, but slowly and surely you will see your husband pick up. Be strong and it will come right.

                                              Kindest Regards  FED

Thank you, I will take your advice.


Julia x

Thank you FED.  We are seeing my husband's consultant shortly and I will ask him.  Don't know why I didn't think of that in the first place - sometimes the solution is staring you in the face, but you can't see it for the trees!


Again, thank you for your support




  I was in a flat spin Juliam and could see no escape , it was my Neurologist who suggested I see Dr Angus Mc at NTGH,  and after my first consultation I thought, well that was a waste of time, but no no I could not have been more wrong even if I tried, Dr A Mc slowly and in a way only real professionals can started to rebuild my  mind Juliam ,  C B T or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy played a central role in my return to the land of the living, you will see your husband gradually turn his life around and I strongly recommend you undertake this most therapeutic of therapies, it is especially effective on sensitive good natured kind generous handsome gentlemen, sorry Juliam I cant resist trying to lift the spirtit of all who are plagued by Illness by injecting a little humour or sillyness, I  am  in no way being disrespectful of your dear husbands plight  ,many of my posts must appear as if  written by a PYTHON, OF MONTY fame.

                                 I wish you both all  the good things that I know you seek ,and more.




Several years ago I was very ill trying to keep myself together and in the end, my neuro doctor suggested he refer me to his neuro psychiatry colleague and I was in hospital for six weeks.    

They helped me a lot and they had arranged appointments to see a psychologist near my home a few weeks after my discharge.  In the meantime, my GP arranged for me to see a therapist to talk about my feelings.

I was given 20 CBTsessions and they were very helpful.   I still have bad times but at least I know what is happening to me which helps getting through it.

All the best




Thank you Casie.  It helps to hear other peoples stories.  I hope you are keeping as well as you possibly can.


Julia x