PUK's response to the governments emergancy laws

What is Parkinsons’UK response to the proposals to reduce social care and support PWP are currently receiving and the intention to withold it from future applicants. Will their be discussions with other patient groups?

Hi @Mitch1,

We’re concerned about a number of the government’s proposals in the Coronavirus Bill, including the provisions around social care. We have briefed some MPs taking part in the debate later today on our concerns and are engaging with other charities and patient groups too. We are also raising operational issues with relevant government departments to ensure that the needs of the Parkinson’s community are being considered in the current climate.

I hope this answers your question.

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Hi Reah,
Thanks for your reply. This is seriously worrying news. Not just for people with Parkinsons’ but other disabilities including vunerable children with special needs. As an ex teacher of kids with special needs this could potentialy take us back to the 1960’s. The increasing marginalisation of the most vunerable in society.

I agree, there are so many worrying things being agreed to and it’s all just being passed without any obvious challenge in the panic to meet the needs of the many. I kind of get it on some level but I’ve never felt so ditched by government and support agencies in my life; my heart goes out to disabled children and their families.
I’m working on getting through this in one piece but I’m not sure that I’m going to like what I find if I do.
Very, very sad times for everybody.

Thank you Mitch, we understand and share your concerns.

We briefed MPs ahead of the debate yesterday and many of them raised our concerns about social care and how the measures are a step backwards. The government responded that they have had to take these extraordinary measures to address the crisis and many local authorities will still be able to continue offering care at their usual level or even higher. They noted they would continue to keep this under review and MPs and organisations like Parkinson’s UK will be gathering evidence to make the case about the impact of these measures. Please note that our advisers are also reaching out to vulnerable people as well to signpost them to support during this time.

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