Pulling up trousers

Any tips on pulling up trousers when round ankles after toilet?

I am really sorry that no-one has answered your plea. I want to to know too! Parkinson's even gnaws away at your dignity, doesn't it? It eats away at every aspect of your life.

In answer to your question - I can only suggest the following:-

1. Elasticated waistbands work best for me. Not too tight.

2. Try not to let your trousers fall so far. Can you catch them before you are seated?

I'm so sorry - I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I am picturing the difficulty I always have - it sounds so crude but it really is a major problem how to deal with ALL aspects of going to the loo. I'm sure I don't need to explain any further!

In considering your question, there must be loads of strategies people use to overcome these kind of difficulties. Also, there must be people out there (I am thinking students) who need a project to work on in line with their studies.

Could somebody design a multi-function tool that (you'll understand why I haven't suggested something to help Dandelion and me regarding trousers) picks things off the floor plus opens jars etc plus turns taps on and off.

Just an idea!



Carrying on from the above - some of the tips given to me regarding coping with Parkinson related problems.

I can't name them but many thanks to those people who have helped me.

1. If you feel that you are 'going off' and your next tablet isn't due for a while - have a cup of (strongish)  black coffee. One or two mouthfuls work for me.

2.  If you are frozen to the spot, focus on where you want to be, then estimate how many steps you might take to get to where you are going. You can break it down into stages eg. to get from doorway to sink via the microwave and the washing machine! Then count, in your head, when you start to move. Try to match the steps you use to those you estimated.

I find that counting helps in quite a few situations

3 To start moving forward - pull the material on on your trouser leg - sort of imagine lifting your leg up by this method.

I hope that I don't sound patronising. I am fifty-nine, was diagnosed 18 years ago.  If you have a strategy that might help me cope - I am desperate to hear it.



Hi Lin & Dandelion,

Sorry to hear you’re both having difficulties with this. I work in the fundraising team at Parkinson’s UK and might have some suggestions from our shop for at least one of your ideas, Lin. Although we don’t have one item that does everything, we do have a grabber which might help pick things up when bending is difficult – it also has a magnet so can pick up very tiny things likes pins or keys. We also have tap turners and a jar opener.

To look at the whole range,  just visit our shop (button at the top right of this page) or if you’d rather have a look at our free catalogue, just email [email protected] and they’ll send one out to you. The Daily Living Aids range is very new and is the result of suggestions and ideas from people with Parkinson’s - we hope they help a little bit – if you have any more suggestions or ideas, do let me know as we’re always on the lookout for new helpful items.

All the best, Abbie.

Oh no, I can see my troubles are only going to get worse. Worse still, I think I've actually found a reason why I may be sporting 'braces' in the near future.  These elasticated shoulder straps would provide support while the zip and 'delightful' button is attempted.

Of course, ones' undergarments have to be hoisted first, so maybe finest silk is the way of least resistance. 

I can just see the looks down the charity shops, lady PwPs setting the trend for the new fashion in braces and the gents buying silk undies for themselves, once again, but this time for them to wear, or maybe not just this time ;) 

In all seriousness, this is going to be my strategy for the trousers in due course and brushed cotton boxers rather than silk (easier to wash).

For now, what's even more embarrassing than taking forever in the cubicle, is when you finally leave and the people waiting think your tremor that you're doing all you can to hide means something entirely else. Explaining that away with a quiet voice has led to a few strong words until the word Parkinsons' registers.


Good luck


Re pulling trousers up. Think about your posture. The main resistance (and instability) comes from sticking your backside out and leaning forward to see how far you've got- so, push your pelvis forward, tuck your tail in, stand as tall as possible without locking your knees; try not to look down as that will push your backside out again. (It can help to imagine a giant balloon being inflated about waist height and forcing your top half upright.) When you feel steady (holding on to the sink or rail with one hand if you need to), it may help to drop one hip and pull the trousers up on that side, then drop the other hip and pull up on that second side etc. Your belly takes up more room when you lean over to look down, so stand tall and try to do up the button and fly without looking at them. Tai Chi and/or pilates/physiotherapist-guided stretches and exercises can be a huge help.

Be strong, and surprise yourself with how far will power and exercises can take you! 

Try having loops sewn inside the Waistband so you have something to hold onto to pull them up. 

I was watching WALLIS and GROMMETS the Wrong Trousers, and thought that device would be very useful but cant find a dealer anywhere, but seriously , it must be possible to devise some sort of implement to assist I even resorted to not wearing underwear at all but this has risks , I only buy elasticated waistband trousers as It is often even more important to get them down fast, and brushed cotton shorts seems to work.

                             Regards Fed

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                                             Hope you are all well or wells if there are more than one of you

                                                                   WingcoFEDbig grincoolMY BROS NICKED  MY RAYBANS


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big grinI failed to mention that in the previous post I now wear elasticated trousers 1 size larger  thus facilitating ease of removal and reinstallment, and I await with trepidation BLACKHEARTS next move

                                                    FED which reminds me Im hungry?big grin

Just looking at this post and trying to come up with an answer for daddy dear. Poor chap. Even elastic is proving too much of a stretch (sorry for pun) and velcro just frustrates him . No perfect answer then. What about a super duper tailor to come up with something manageable

Putting on trousers.  My husband was having great difficulty and have developed this strategy which works very well for now.   I lay the trousers flat out on the floor in front of a chair.   I then position a stiffish polythene bag in the opening of each leg with the bag wide open.  He is then able to slip each foot into the bag and slide down the trouser leg with ease, at the same time as pulling the trousers from the waistband.As he can't point his foot very well, it was so difficult to get it down the trouser leg, this really does help!

Hello Fed,

I haven't been on here for a while but remembered your positivity and humour.  My other half has started using braces which isn't too bad;  he was using elastic waistband trousers ( joggers, mostly) but complained that the elastic was too loose so we moved onto drawstring ones and I put toggles on the strings, so he didn't have to tie/untie.  Haven't found any decent elastic waist ones so far - what are you wearing?  

I also posted in the 'Carers...' part of the forum - feeling particularly low at the mo.  I don't know how you all put up with it - it's appalling enough from the carers' side.  



First time post...my father in law has PD and is 88yrs so its not easy for Mum who is his sole carer. We have recently been buying M&S or Cotton Traders elasticated waist "rugby trouser" which at least look a little more formal than the joggers he wears at home. They are in a chino / cotton type fabric with no lines or logos so look quite smart. Also using Asda or M&S jumpers with shirt peice sewn in...easy to get over the head and looks smart too. Have also experimented with elastic inside the waist band each side with "button holes" cut into the elastic and a corresponding button to adjust the size. (like childrens school trousers / jeans) This allows for the daily /weekly waist size changes ...?bloating which can affect the comfort of the trouser waistband.

i dont know