Pulse in right ear

Does anyone ever experience a pulse in right ear? It is bizzarre. I am under a lot of stress at present so may be related, but never had before. Just wondering???

Sometimes at night I get a pulse in my ear (I can’t be sure which ear as I am usually half asleep). I find that covering each nostril (with thumbs) then blowing (through the nose) helps - this takes just a second or so. Good luck - best wishes!


I have pulses in both ears at times and it drives me to distraction. Usually at night while I’m lying down. The holding nose method works very infrequently but having a good glug of water seems to work better for me. I haven’t figured out what causes it but it generally ties in with me getting a bit of a snotty nose. I have tried Vicks and Tiger Balm but neither seems to stop it happening.

Have you had a dental check recently? I have a vague memory of being told there is a large nerve coming to the face which splits, one bit to eyes, one to ears and one to jaw. Something wrong in one area can cause pain in the other. It may be rubbish but…