Pure Joy

The times when I can forget about PD are when  something either brings a huge smile to my face, the sheer joy of living, or brings tears when I'm moved by people being really creative in order to transform really bad circumstances into something nobody would have thought possible

for example, who would believe that this could be possible:




Hope this isn't straying too far from what the forums about?







 Thanks for this.   I don't  go in for tears much but I'm sitting here with tears streaming.   The relevance to PD or any other degenerative disease is clear enough.  Like these young people, make the most of today.


Best  Wishes

Glad you "enjoyed" it.

if you want to hear the story behind it listen to this ted talk:


All good wishes to you, eileenpatricia

wishing everyone a night terror less sleep



Thank you for posting the link, we could do with more "straying" from what the forum is about, there is more to life than just having PD big grin

Thank you,

i feel very uplifted  by this forum. 

Another favourite:


I can't help but smile at this, even when at the bottom of the pit.




Ah Louis Armstrong, nice choice.

For nostalgia try this.......


Ah, nostalgia is great



Better still that it's kept up to this date.


A local band I first heard at  a friends party.

The spirit thrives!






The second one reminds me of the many times we back seaters on the coach would have a sing song on the way home from a back packing weekend in the scottish highlands, fuelled ever so slightly by a wee dram in the local pub before leaving wink

Hi Kyloe,

 it risky drinking too much if you're going to do this :


so relaxed and happy, I'd love to be there.

do you have children?


Good Morning after having a very rough night with so little sleep, but the sun is shining brightly and once showered and had some breakfast the garden beckons for some attention.

Do I have children ? Yes ....4, two girls and two boys, the youngest will be twenty this coming August. The two girls have not been without there own problems health wise, one we nearly lost to Leukaemia twice, and the other has had meningitis...twice, but thank god they are recovered and ok now.

I dedicate this song sung by Billy Joel to my youngest daughter big grin


Like the big grin,

and a perfect song.

never knew much of billy Joel but remember this one from happier times: