Puts things into perspective


We all have our crosses to bear with this infernal disease, but today I was speaking to an elderly friend in her 90's, who made me realise I should be grateful for so many things. Her great granddaughter, just 7 months old, has been diagnosed with cancer. The poor little mite has barely begun her life and does not deserve such a cruel fate. Maybe, sometimes, we need to reflect on others much worse off than ourselves.



Hello Twinks...so true ..i remember when dx last year i was taking a friend for treatment at the oncology hospital in bristol for a couple of months  ..youngsters ,teenagers ,all having treatment it certainly did put things into perspective ,,which we tend to forget sometimes ...but we all deserve a bit of tlc? at times ...have a good day .


Hi Twinks yes I often think there is always someone worse off than myself and I say                                    Keep Smiling Keep Laughing 


My philosophy too. Have kept up the one liners since being diagnosed, but I am rapidly running out of Parker pens.... Anyone know a supplier...


Lady Penelope might have one!!! Lol


Nice one, will give her a call



I'm waiting for the day I can claim my 'free pen just for enquiring' just 4 more yrs lol :)