PWP in the town of lewes East Sussex

Is there anyone on this forum who comes from Lewes East Sussex with parkinsons.I am
a 65year old lady and i am still very able and can also still drive and would like to meet for a cup of coffee and a chat..........Kathryn of piddinghoe.
Hi kathryn,

You can find information about the local groups in your area here:

As you still drive, it should be easy to get to either the Lewes group or the Brighton and Hove group which are both within 9 miles of you.

I have had the pleasure of visiting the Brighton and Hove group before and it was a fun and welcoming environment.

I hope it helps!
Hi kathryn,

I live in Seaford :smile:
I'm 49 Dx just over a year ago and am part of a new group set up late last year covering our local(ish) area by Fell Duncan & Clare Hewitt(info spt worker).
There is also a 50ish yr old lady in Newhaven (non-driver) wanting to meet others and i have agreed for Clare to forward my e-mail to her.
I'm happy for you to e-mail me directly also and perhaps we can all meet up once i have other ladies details?
Clare's telephone number is: 0844 225 3736

Hope to hear from you

Hi thought I would try again to see if there is anybody in Lewes sx who would like to meet for a coffee and a chat..I am 66yrs and have had Parkinsons for 7 years.....Kathryn

Hi  ....i am  still looking for someone to have coffee in lewes with me just for a chat once a month or so...i am 67years old and reasonabley  mobile.................Kathryn x x

Kathryn, how I wish I could say yes!  I just turned 68, have had PD for 17 years or more, and would love to meet and chat.  Unfortunately, I live near Portland, Oregon!  Next month I shall be in London three days before beginning a riverboat cruise in France.  But that's as close as I get.  I do hope someone in your area responds soon!

Regards,    J

HI kathryn,

Did you try contacting your local group or Drobb who responded to your post above? Both would be quite good leads for what you're looking for. 


Good morning J

                      First of all I wish you well on your cruise it will be a wonderful experience for you ,I have discussed just such a holiday with my beloved  but she refuses to set foot on anything that floats, IN CASE IT SINKS!?  I always mention the fact that we have flown all over the place, including  long over water stretces but she will not go on a boat, however have a great time .

                            Bon Voyage , Via Condias  STAY SAFE J        Fedbig grincool

Thanks, fed, for your good wishes.  I'm eagerly looking forward to the relaxation of the riverboat as well as the sightseeing.  It's been many years since my last excursion overseas.

In part, I share your wife's phobia about deep water.  Only, in my case, it doesn't bother me if I'm well above the water, such as on a ship or large boat.  I've even been comfortable on a catamaran in Hawaii.  But it took great resolve to jump off that catamaran into the ocean to go snorkelling.  Several times in the water, I panicked and had to calm myself by watching the fish.  If my focus went to the ocean floor, the depth of the water was frightening.  Stupid, I know, but I guess that's the nature of a phobia -- irrationality.  My husband and son both loved the water but were patient with my fear.

No fears of anything worse than jet lag this time!

I've been following your chat with Mike on aircraft.  If my husband were here, I know he'd want to join in.  He was a navigator in the Navy and had a private pilot's licence a long time afterward, always loved planes and flying.  But my ignorance is as great as was his knowledge, so I'm silent there.

Thanks again -- best wishes --




                Good morning J

                                      I knew you were going to tell me your Husband was in the NAVY , I form pictures in my head when conversing with my friends here and when writing to you I had this voice , a deep voice giving course changes altitude waypoints etc, also of a handsome man in uniform on a mantle piece or sideboard, you must think im nuts but this happens a lot its almost like reading your words projects a code and I decode the message therin  its weird,its just co.incidence I know but it does happen , I think I just imagine the stories and this image forms. Have a fantastic time J  I know you will.

                                 Kindest Regards                   Fed

Good morning, fed --

It may just be coincidence, but some people seem to have this ability to visualise other people's experiences.  Several members of my husband's family have this experience frequently.  Richard never had it until the year before his death, months before he was diagnosed with cancer and knew he was approaching death.  It surprised and puzzled him.  I have no such gift of vision at all.

In a few hours I'm off to meet Sheryll (of this forum) for lunch on this rainy day in Oregon.

Best regards,      J

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