Q&A: The legal aspects of impulsive and compulsive behaviour


Hi all,

I'm pleased to finally confirm that the long-awaited Q&A session on the legal aspects of impulsive and compulsive behaviour will be next week.

We're inviting Gary Walker, a clinical negligence solicitor from the firm Foot Anstey.  He will be joining us starting Tuesday, 29 October.

We'll post with further details about the Q&A shortly.




At last we have a legal expert to clear up all the unanswered questions about action against the drug companies who have allowed lives to be wrecked by DA induced OCDs.

Where are all the past posters who have suffered so much?

Please submit your questions by Nov 4 th.



Hi all

We've posted a transcript of the Q&A session on the law and impulsive and compulsive behaviour at www.parkinsons.org.uk/askgary.