Q10 - where to buy?


I have heard that Q10 may aid slowing down of the PD progression ... altho' it's far from conclusive.

But maybe worth a shot .    Only problem is th expense as they recoomend a large dose of 1200 per day.


Can anyone recoomend  a quality supplier ?

At a reasonable price ?


Andy (Ojalahey)




Yes, they do say that CQ10 can help Parkinson's sufferers and apparently the dosage one should take is indeed 1200 mg per day. However, is it proven that a) it really does slow down the illness  and b) that one really needs that amount per day?

I would be very reluctant to take as much CQ10 as that, because presumably there have been no studies to determine whether it is effective or not. Of course it could also be harmful to the kidneys and liver.

I wonder whether there is anyone here who actually takes such a high dose of CQ10.

I am taking this supplement, but at a dosage of 200 mg per day. I buy it from Amazon.



Hi OjalaHey and redpoppy

You might be interested to read this previous thread about CQ10 which includes some useful information and links - http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/forum/thread/51306

Best wishes

The Research Team


Thank you for the link, Research Team. I'll go and have a look.