Qualified by Experience - had PD 24 years

hi - I was a member of the forum many years ago and consider myself one of the pioneer members. i wonder if some of the other founding member/s are here/still here. some of these i remember as The Breeze, Pokermid. Lin, Vic, Louise - I m assuming you have used a nom de plume but apologies for using your name if I have. Anyway a little about me.

I am 62 years and have been suffering with PD since I was 39 years It would be wrong of me to speak of my suffering per se^ but also not very real. So i will tread carefully when it comes to talking about PD. first but I have an uploaded video which I have put together on YouTube. I will check with the moderator first before releasing it.

I am not a salesperson or someone trying to gain some kind of benefit or advantage - i am only here to share my experience and difficulties I have had with PD. I am in the final stage of PD and have had the disease for 24 years. I hope I can encourage and help some or you who may be struggling with problems of your own and I look forward to meeting you albeit in cyber form.

Take care all of you

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