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Hi this my first post

Welcome Crystal. Lost for words?


oryorrHaving trouble with keyboard sorry. Trying to write but difficult with a tremor.


I'm 52 diagnosed 2011.iagnosiag


Have you got the facility of dictation on your computer, .......symbolized by a microphone on the keyboard????

I find it easier to speak what I want to say rather than type it.


Hi Crystal

You might find it helpful to get in touch with AbilityNet? This organisation aims to make computer technology available to people with disabilities, and their free helpline 0800 269 545 offers expert advice and information.

This page also has some suggestions which might help, including using speech recognition software: https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/content/help-getting-online

I hope this helps.

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Digital team


 Crystal.  I can recommend Dragon Naturally Speaking as the best speech recognition software. It is also possible to reduce the sensitivity of your computer keys so you don't get double letters caused by your tremor. Not sure how.

Good luck!

Thank you for those helpful tips everyone.

I have now got it sorted.