Quality of life

I have only been on here for a day. I was dignosed in 2011. Ithought it was absurd at first but any one can get it. It is good that there is someone out there






Hi Hope you are feeling well.

my dog loves the kitten. hope your ok turnip long time since heard from you

I am unreasonable well other than a sore back. Been very stressed with a marriage, house move, vidas,teenage children etc. But possibly calmer waters ahead.

Hi everyone

Not having much luck with typing .

I am a 52 year old woman with pd. I live with my husband and son . who are very surpportive  I work as a part time cleaner at the Oratory School.

I enjoy painting and bird watching. Being a bit creative keeps me going.

All the best everyone

Welcome Crystal

Painting is good. Not relaxing, as non-painters assume, but very absorbing, and takes one somewhere far away from Parkie-land. So, keep at it.

Hi Supa

Your right. Thanks for that. It does take my mind of my symptoms

sorry welccome crystal,have a great wedding day & night turnip

Thanks gus good to hear from you