Question and Answer Sessions

As part of our efforts to improve the forum for users, we’re pleased to offer online Question and Answer (Q&A) weeks.

We hope that this series of Q&As will present an opportunity for you to discuss specific aspects of Parkinson’s, its management and treatment with a professional who has in-depth knowledge and experience in a particular area.

For our first Q&A session, we’re invited an internationally respected physiotherapist to answer your questions on rehabilitation and physiotherapy for people with Parkinson’s. The physiotherapist will answer questions from Wednesday, 12 May to Tuesday 18 May.

We hope this initiative will be welcomed and that it will be useful to you. We’ll be writing with more information next week so watch this space!

Good idea.
I will watch with interest. Sounds a very good idea though
I quite like that idea

Thumbs Up!!
All - Please look out this Wednesday for the opening of our first Q&A forum, which will feature Fiona Lindop, a physiotherapist who specialises in Parkinson's. You'll be able to submit your questions to Fiona from Wednesday morning through to Tuesday 17 May - and Fiona will post her responses on midday 18 May.

More information on Fiona and physiotherapy is available here: