Question for you re Roprinirole

Hi to anyone who actually reads this.

I am now on. 4mg of Roprinirole would appreciate if anyone can tell me does this sleeping all the time ever stop.

Just feel that I can’t go on like this.
Any advice would be much appreciated.


Unfortunatley I am fighting fatigue on a daily basis. I am on Requip XL 8mg (ropinirole). I have read so much on this subject and beginning to think I may be better off on levadopa instead. The only thing that is stopping me is the fact that fatigue was a problem for me leading up to diagnosis. So unsure if its PD or Ropinirole. I can’t get any answers off my nurse, GP or Neurologist.

I also take 5 sinimet plus 5 entacapone and 1 rasagaline.
Just can’t bear feeling like this for much longer.

Thanks for your reply much appreciated


I’ve been taking 4mg slow release requip xl since March Babs and have settled into a routine of having a mid afternoon power nap (if circumstances allow) to ease the feeling of fatigue. I find just 20 minutes to half an hour is plenty then I can just continue with my day. Staying as active as possible also seems to help.

Hi @babswood,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re still experiencing extreme fatigue. Remember, you can always speak to our Parkinson’s nurse via our helpline. Do give them a call (I’m sure you know the number by now :wink:) whenever you have a moment .

Please take care.

All the best,

Thanks Roy.
That is what I am going to do everyday if possible.


Thanks Reah.
I see my parkinson’s nurse 18 September.

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I have just started roprinirole 4 by 3 times a day and find I can sleep anywhere.
Any other side effects still exploring…
Will keep in touch.

Hi babswood,
I have been on Roprinirole for about 8 years. I started on 4mg x 3 times a day and remember being out of it most of the day. It got to the point that I was thinking I was better off without it. After talking to the Parkinson’s nurse and my GP they decided to change my Roprinirole to the slow release version. For me it was so much better. I found that I needed to rest for a few minutes after taking it and a afternoon rest / nap was needed but most of the time my head was so much clearer. I eventually went up to 24 mg a day but we decided to try Madopar and reduced the Roprinirole over time to 12 mg. I have been on this treatment for some years now and it seems to suit me. The only problem I’ve had is convincing the GP surgery to prescribe the slow release version, they say it’s very costly. Luckily I have a consultant who sorts it out for me.
Hope this is of help to you. Johnboy

Thanks so much for your reply.

Babs x

Thanks so much for your reply.

It was so interesting to read how you are doing.

I still feel so tierd even after sleeping most of the night I get up and still can’t keep my eyes open.

It is the slow release that I take.
I go back to hospital on the 18th so will see how I am by then.
Thanks again


Hi, my husband has had PD for over 10 years. He was on Mirapex, rather than Ropinirole. Now off that and on Sastravi (Levadopa/entacapone/carbidopa) It works well for motor symptoms of PD, but he falls asleep almost as soon as he sits down! If he is active, no problem, but at rest sleepiness kicks in rapidly. Which leads me to think it is the disease as much as any particular medication. He has a sleep in the afternoon, which does enable him to remain awake (usually) in the evenings.

Hi Babs.
I was diagnosed with PD in May, I’m currently on 14mg of Roprinirole. I get around 6 hours sleep a night, I’m feeling constantly fatigued during the day, so much so that I can fall asleep as soon as I sit down. So in answer to your question, for me the fatigue it a nightmare.