Question on movement difficulty

I was recently referred to a neuro physiotherapist, who is very pleasant and also very knowledgable when it comes to PD. She asked me to do certain movements with my affected right hand and I commented that when doing these difficult (to me) movements, it gave me very uncomfortable feelings in my affected right leg. She said that must be in my imagination, and she had not come across it before. This happens to me all the time and is definitely not my imagination. Does anyone else experience this? It feels as if my brain does not differenciate ,and that somehow movement in both limbs on my affected side is interlinked now. Hope that makes sense!
Hi B19553, I think I do understand what your saying....I've been experiencing painful craps in my left arm for about 9 months now, they don't come and go but are there all the time. The large left arm muscle is permanently tight and painful and it's not effected at all by medication changes or fluctuations. I seem to have the same feelings in my left groin too, which is also very painful and cause real problems when I move my leg in certain ways, like getting in and out of the car for example. It appear to be baffling my neuro and pd nurse who say that they have never heard of it.......Now I know that it's happening and it certainly is painful and it effects my pd side which is the whats happening? If anybody can identify with this please feel free to comment because I'm now thinking I'm going it dystonia or not. If it is, why is it there all the time and why doesn't it respond to a tweaking of meds? The pain is driving me mad!

Hi GC, I think you left out the vitally important "m" in cramps! Never mind, it made me laugh! It does seem a strange symptom you are having too. If you make a difficult movement in your affected arm, does that painful feeling you are having in your groin occur too? Do they seem somehow connected? It's hard to put it into words. B
Hi Butterfly, sorry about the crap, I do mean the lack of the 'm' in cramps!!!!

Yes the arm n leg hurt together, it's ridiculous really and it is very hard to explain. Ive scanned all my PD books but can't find anything remotely like it. Perhaps, we are both hallucinating......

I have this too! And I am sure other people have something which I consider to be similar: like increased shaking of arm/hand, when under stress mentally. I find, when I do the ironing my leg on the affected side(right)stiffens up , and the foot starts to turn in,especially when I "go off" during this action.
II think the muscle cramps are called dystonia. It's fairly well known that a tremor gets worse under stress or anxiety. With me the tremor occurs in my right arm but, at the same time, I get muscle cramps in my right leg. I find that by giving my arm something to occupy it, the cramps in my leg are eased. Must be something to do with the way thee brain is wired up
It's such a complex illness isn't it .. My husband is the one with Parkinsons .

I am continually searching for ways to support him to the best of my ability and I won't give in . I know he finds it difficult to explain when I ask him questions or as him to explain how he feels ..

Long before he was diagnosed he would complain that he had a cramping pain in all sorts of places . It's almost as if something is switching on and off out of your control.

Reading about how it affects you all is a great help to me ..
Thank you GC, Christo, K and J for your input. I also think it must be something to do with the "wiring" of the brain going faulty. I tried to do some exercise for my right hand last night, and had to give up because the feelings in my right leg were too uncomfortable to carry on. What a strange disease, and so individual to each person. My guess is it must affect each person's brain in slightly different areas and at different times in the progression of the disease. (A layman's conclusion).
Just an afterthought: I also get the same feeling in my affected leg when I am trying to write. The feeling makes me very agitated, which is difficult at work because I have to write up minutes of meetings and various reports.( My writing is really embarrassing now). Does anyone else get this feeling when trying to write?
Hi Butterfly . I have been giving some thought to your question about your right side ..

My husbands right side is the more affected one .. In fact he has great difficulty with handling his cutlery . When he does so I often find his right leg tremors at the same time . I believe it is the stress of the struggle .

What do I know though lol..

I am only the onlooker ..
Hello again Johnnie, it does sound like the same sort of thing is going on with your husband. Maybe it's something to do with the right side being affected. I read somewhere that is more often the left side that is affected. Just all part of the uexplained mystery!
Hi Butterfly. I can certainly sympathize with you about the handwriting. Mine has deteriorated to such an extent that it is barely legible. Thank God for e-mails!
Before I was diagnosed properly, one of my symptoms was, and still is, that when I type my left leg tightens up.
Eck, That's interesting, thanks for that. It shows my theory is wrong! That's good though, because it's all a learning curve.